From event organisation to proposal presentations, whatever you’re doing today, there are cloud solutions out there that can make your life a little easier, a little more fun and a little more productive into the bargain.

And now you can open up your health centre to this world of possibilities with the new Zapier bridge for tuOtempO. The bridge links tuOtempO with more than 750 SAAS applications, each designed to optimise the way you manage a given task.

You organise taster events? Why not use Eventbrite to gather in the subscriptions: your attendees will be added directly to your tuOtempO CRM for managing the follow-up.

You need to design a killer webform? Let your creatives loose on typeform: the submissions will be sent straight into tuOtempO and then onto your Hospital Information System.

The possibilities are endless: mail merging, faxing (yes faxing!), you name it, there are quick-to-learn and affordable tools that will cut your costs and enhance the value of the service that you provide to patients.

So what aspect of your organisation would most like to improve?

Get in touch with your tuOtempO account manager and together let’s get the ball rolling!