Tuotempo Ethical Charter

Approved by the Administration Council   29 April 2013


tuOtempO SRL (hereinafter also “tuOtempO”) is a company that offers to national and international markets its CRM as software as a service for public and private health.

With the approval of this Code of Ethics (hereinafter also the “Code”) tuOtempO claims to base its activities on the principles contained in it in order not to engage in or continue any relationship with anyone who does not agree with its spirit or is in violation the principles and rules of conduct.

This document intends to summarize, also in the light of Legislative Decree n. 231 of 2001, the values, corporate culture and rules of conduct that tuOtempO has always placed at the base in the conduct of its affairs. Therefore the adoption of this document is intended to meet the needs and expectations of all internal and external interlocutors. In no way can the company the act regardless of compliance with the regulations and the contents of the Code.

The Code of Ethics is divided into the following three parts:

  • Ethics Charter: formalizes the values, corporate culture and mission which form the foundation of tuOtempO culture;
  • Behavioral Rules: highlights areas of responsibility and behavior to conform to the style of the company;
  • Methods of implementation, control and monitoring: identifies those responsible for implementing the Code of Ethics and explains how they apply the values and standards of behavior defined, so they are in conformity with daily practice.

The Code of Ethics applies to members of the Board of Directors, employees and all those who, for various reasons, acting in the name or on behalf and in the interest or benefit of tuOtempO, regardless of the legal nature of the relationship (for example project collaborators, providers temporary work, temporary).


Create value for customers, their patients, our employees and shareholders by simplifying access to diagnosis and care respecting the law and Universal Ethical Principles.

to propose and implement software solutions that support the delivery of health services to the person so that they are appropriate, efficient, ethical and sustainable.
We believe that these criteria should be a strong and constant reference point in the design of our solutions:

  • health services must also be provided in accordance with criteria of efficiency and economic sustainability, now essential elements in a scenario that sees the trend of growth of health spending rising steadily progressive aging of the population and greater expectations health.
  • Finally, it is essential to the delivery criterion “ethics” of health services, based on principles of equality and access “transparent” to services.


  • We believe that to ensure good health patient access to care be simple, direct and not traumatic.


  • We believe that the patient is entitled to maximum transparency and access to their information.


  • We believe that the opinion of the patient must be collected consistently and largely taken into account in the evolving choices of organizational structures


  • We have a reward system that is based on managerial action: managers evaluate their people, people value managers. We constantly invest in research and development to create more effective products in clinical practice and health services; we can never stop innovation.


  • We respect labor regulations and contracts as the basis of our managerial action.


  • We listen, before all else, to the needs of our customers.


  • We are in every field of patient reporting and patient centeric Healthcare


  • We develop the work of CRM for Healthcare and promote continuing education.


Corporate culture

The corporate culture that distinguishes tuOtempO is based on four fundamental principles:

  1. The knowledge that our employees are our most important asset to achieve the mission and that therefore everything we do must always protect the psycho-physical well-being of individuals and the harmony of the working groups
  2. The widespread respect, convinced and shared commercial ethic that respects the existing rules and regulations.
  3. The ambition to be measured on actual achievements through their work, both compared to the single professional career to the needs and objectives of clients; more patients treated and assisted in a better way, instead of contracts awarded.
  4. The quality of the software and professional resources are the focus of corporate attention as representing our characteristic and distinctive elements. TuOtempO is and wants to remain a software company.

    Membership. TuOtempO protects from business risk through a careful policy to safeguard the medium and long term stability in terms of sustainability while promoting economic competitiveness and respect for the principles of fairness and transparency.

    TuOtempO observes high standards of good corporate governance to protect its value and reputation, in the interests of shareholders and all stakeholders.

    It also guarantees to all members correctness, clarity and equal access to corporate information.

    Representation and collaboration

    tuOtempO All employees are expected to act with rigor and professional commitment, in order to protect the reputation tuOtempO setting with each party, internal or external, relations based on trust and mutual cooperation. Employees severally guarantee, in the daily conduct of its activities, the observance of high standards of behavior, enhancing the reliability, efficiency and excellence that characterize the style of tuOtempO.

    Conduct honest and transparent

    Employees are expected to conduct themselves with integrity respecting the commitments, procedures, rules and regulations. The belief of acting for tuOtempO can not, in any way, justify the holding of behavior contrary to the principles set forth in this document, the general is of fundamental importance to the proper functioning and prestige of the company.

    Conflict of interest

    A conflict of interest occurs when an employee of tuOtempO uses his position for personal gain or when personal interests conflict with the interests of the company. Therefore each collaborator must avoid any involvement that interferes, or would interfere with its ability to assess impartially the decisions on behalf of tuOtempO. Employees are required to report any situation of conflict of interest. For example constitutes conflict of interest:

    • accepting money, favors or benefits from persons and / or legal entities that intend to enter into economic agreements with tuOtempO;
    • carry out work activities of any kind, from suppliers, private and public entities liable to affect the performance of work in favor of tuOtempO;
    • or encourage take decisions in the exercise of their corporate role, having as its purpose the advantage of its own relative or similar.

    Treatment of information
    Transparency and accuracy of information: employees must ensure truthfulness, transparency, accuracy and completeness of the documentation and information provided in the performance of their competence. TuOtempO condemns any behavior intended to alter the accuracy and veracity of the data and information contained in the financial statements, reports or other corporate communications required by law and addressed to the public, the supervisory authorities, the supervisory board and the auditors.

    Confidentiality of information: employees, in strict compliance with the regulations, must ensure strict confidentiality of strategic information, confidential or related to intellectual property tuOtempO. TuOtempO ensuring the proper management of confidential information and require employees to maintain absolute confidentiality of any confidential information concerning the company or third parties.

    Protection of personal data: the protection of personal information acquired in carrying out their activities in relation to employees and third parties. TuOtempO is such data in compliance with the regulations and moral protection of persons.

    Tracking and fairness of transactions

    All operations and transactions, understood in the broadest sense of the term, must be authorized and registered in accordance with the principles of honesty and impartiality. It is up to all employees act with due diligence and ensure that the activities are supported by documentary and / or computer feedback also in order to allow the fairness and legitimacy of the transaction, as well as identifying those who have authorized, performed, recorded and verified. TuOtempO promotes the principle of correct behavior in business activities also with respect to the offenses provided for by Legislative Decree no. 231 of 2001.

    Gifts and benefits

    An employee of tuOtempO can not ask for themselves or others, including through third parties, gifts, money or other benefits, or accept the latter, except for those of modest value or in line with normal business practice and courtesy, as anyone who has taken or which may benefit from the activity of tuOtempO. The employee also can not offer gifts, money or other benefits to all those subjects which can acquire valuable treatment in the performance of any activity to tuOtempO, ensuring the same good or advantage.

    use of corporate assets

    tuOtempO personnel are required to work diligently to protect corporate assets (tangible and intangible) if used properly and adopting behaviors that prevent the inappropriate use by third parties. Compared to the use of computer systems every employee is responsible for the security of the systems used and is subject to the regulatory provisions in force and the conditions of the license agreements. Except as required by law, it is part of improper use of assets and enterprise resource utilization of networking for purposes other than those relating to the employment relationship or to send offensive messages or it could damage the image of tuOtempO. Every employee is also required to provide the necessary commitment to prevent any behavior that could potentially lead to the commission of crimes or unlawful processing of data.


    tuOtempO take all safety measures required by the technological evolution to ensure a safe and healthy working environment, in full compliance with current legislation on prevention and protection. The company promotes the dissemination of a safety conscious culture by encouraging responsible behavior by all employees, in order to preserve, mainly through preventive actions, their health and safety. To this end, tuOtempO carries out technical and organizational studies, concerning the risk assessment, the adoption of the best technologies, monitoring of the working methods and the contribution of training and communications. tuOtempO personnel are required to scrupulously respect the rules and obligations under the relevant legislation on health and safety as well as compliance with all the steps required by internal procedures. TuOtempO is committed to ensuring that the conditions necessary for the existence of a cooperative and not hostile working environment and to prevent discriminatory behavior of any kind. It required the cooperation of all in order to maintain a climate of mutual respect for the dignity, honor and reputation.

    Staffing and evaluation

    The selection of personnel is subject to the verification of the full compliance of candidates to a substantial adherence to the required professional profiles. The function of competent research and selection of staff, within the limits of the available information, will take appropriate measures to avoid favoritism, nepotism or cronyism. Recruitment of staff is based on regular employment contracts, not being allowed any form of employment relationship or otherwise does not comply with the regulations elusive. TuOtempO, in personnel evaluation, defines corporate objectives, both general and individual, on the basis of possible outcomes, concrete and measurable.


    Quality and Innovation

    With constant focus on quality and innovation of software products and solutions adapt tuOtempO the needs of healthcare organizations supporting them in their continued evolution towards a nearest healthcare model to the patient and, at the same time, economically sustainable. TuOtempO ensures customers the best execution of tasks assigned offering advanced and innovative solutions, through integration, quality, effectiveness, efficiency and economy.

    Fairness and negotiating contract

    represents the priority for tuOtempO the full satisfaction of the needs of its customers, even in order to create a solid relationship inspired by the general values of fairness, honesty, efficiency and professionalism. The contracts concluded with customers, and in general any communication addressed to them, are based on principles of simplicity, clarity and completeness, avoiding the use of any deceptive practice. At the occurrence of unforeseen events, the company undertakes not to exploit situations of dependence or weakness of the other party.

    Suppliers of Goods and Services.

    Objective evaluation

    The supplier selection process based on objective criteria and documented, takes place following internal procedures of the reference standards, the principles of fairness, cost and quality.

    negotiating Correctness and fairness

    tuOtempO sets up contracts with its suppliers to fully, completely and transparently, trying to predict the circumstances that could significantly affect the relationship established. At the occurrence of unanticipated events, tuOtempO is committed not to exploit situations of dependence or weakness of the other party and expects from suppliers behave identically. The individual providers declare that they share the principles set forth in this document and undertake to respect them. The violation of the principles set out therein constitutes a breach of contract, worth stopping relationship.

    Financial Institutions.

    Transparency and compliance with commitments

    The lenders are entities providing financial support for investment decisions tuOtempO. TuOtempO ensures accuracy and timeliness required by funding agencies, so that their investment decision is based on the true representation of the equity, economic and financial. As collateral for loans received, tuOtempO strictly respects its commitments to the funders, to deliver on the agreed deadlines.

    public administration.

    Integrity and independence in relations

    in order to ensure maximum clarity in institutional relations, these shall be exclusively through representatives who have expressly empowered by corporate bodies and not suffer from conflicts of interest with respect to the representatives of the institutions themselves. Gifts or acts of courtesy and hospitality extended to government representatives, public officials and civil servants are permitted to the extent that, the modest value of them, does not compromise the integrity, independence and reputation of either party. In any case, these types of expenditure must be authorized and documented adequately. During a business negotiation, request or any kind of relationship with the public administration should not be taken, directly or indirectly, any action likely to propose employment and / or business from which they derive benefits for themselves or others, to civil servants or their relatives or relatives.

    Legality, fairness and transparency in the relationship with the Public Administration

    tuOtempO inspires conduct that respects principles of legality, fairness and transparency, in order not to lead the Public Administration to the violation of the principles of impartiality and good performance required of it. Contacts with the Public Administration are managed in accordance with company procedures, by those who are specifically and formally assigned to treat and / or business with Public Officials and / or Public Service Employees belonging to the contracting authority.

    Gifts and benefits

    tuOtempO condemns any conduct by any person in place, which is to promise or offer directly or indirectly gifts and benefits (money, objects, services, favors or other benefits) to public officials and / or Trustees of Public Italian or Foreign Service, or their relatives, which may result therefrom undue or illegal interest and / or benefit. For example, it is forbidden to promise and / or offer any regalia and / or benefit to: • obtain more favorable treatment in relation to any dealings with Public Sector organizations; • induce Public Officials / Public service in charge to use their influence on other subjects belonging to the Public Administration.

    Business negotiations

    part of any business negotiation, a request or relationship with the public administration, should not be kept for any reason, behavior intended to do to achieve tuOtempO undue profits and / or benefits. By way of example, can not be undertaken, directly or indirectly, the following:

      • propose, in any way, employment opportunities and / or commercial opportunities that could benefit the public officials and / or the Public Service or their parents and relatives;
      • offer freebies, if not modest and in accordance with the authorization the company;
      • solicit or obtain confidential information that may compromise the integrity or reputation of both parties;
      • any action aimed at securing the personnel of the Public Administration to do or omit to do anything in violation of government regulations;
      • abuse their position or their powers to persuade or force someone to promise unduly for himself or other money or other benefits.

    collaboration reports

    All possible professional collaboration, economic and / or financial nature that will be employed with employees or former employees of the Public Administration, or their parents and relatives, who in the last five years have personally participated in business negotiations or endorsed requests made by tuOtempO Public Administration, must be brought to the attention of the Supervisory Board which carries out its own assessments in the preliminary phase of intake of the same.

    Loans, grants and subsidies

    And ‘forbidden allocated to purposes other than those for which they were eventually granted, contributions, grants or loans obtained from the European Community, by the State or other public bodies. TuOtempO condemns the behavior aimed at obtaining from the Public Administration, any kind of contribution, financing, loan or other disbursement of the same type, by means of statements and / or documents to altered or falsified, or through information omitted or, more generically, by means of artifice or deception, including those made by means of a computer or electronic system, aimed to mislead the service provider. The persons authorized to do so will put more focus on all the confidential information they obtain knowledge as well as scrupulous in logging and reporting of every document or processed by them executed and / or sent to Public Sector organizations.


    mass- media

    the communication of data or information pertaining to tuOtempO addressed to the mass media may be disclosed only by the corporate functions delegated or with the authorization of these. In any case, the external communication is based on respect of the right and must, therefore, be truthful, complete and not misleading. And it prohibits all forms of pressure on media aimed at obtaining favorable attitudes on the part of the waste and the use of misleading advertising tools.

    Contributions and sponsorships

    tuOtempO is available to provide contributions and sponsorships, in accordance with established procedures and current legislation, providing adequate disclosure to support initiatives proposed by public and private agencies and by non-profit, properly constituted under the law and promoting the values that inspire this Code. Sponsorships and contributions can relate to events and initiatives of a social, cultural, sports and the arts; They may also be aimed at the realization of studies, research, conferences and seminars on subjects of interest to tuOtempO.


    tuOtempO manages its business by pursuing the protection of the environment, its goal is to continuously improve performance in this particular area and adopting the most appropriate measures to preserve the environment for the benefit of the community and the generations future.


    Supervisory Board

    the body responsible for overseeing the application of the Code of Ethics, the Supervisory body (hereinafter also “SB” or ” body “) established in tuOtempO in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 231 of 2001. The Supervisory Board coordinates with the competent organs and functions for the proper implementation and proper control and monitoring of the contents of this document. The corporate bodies and their members, employees, collaborators and third parties acting on behalf of tuOtempO, are required to fully collaborate in encouraging the performance of the functions of the Supervisory Board.

    Knowledge and application

    This Code is brought to the attention of all recipients through specific communication activities. The Supervisory Board, in order to strengthen the sharing of the Code of Ethics, is confronted with the relevant functions by stimulating appropriate training courses that allow to clarify all aspects of the application. Any application doubts related to this document must be promptly discussed with the Supervisory.

    Reporting violations

    Recipients are required to report preferably not anonymous any breach of the Code to their superior or to the Supervisory Board, via email or through other odv@tuotempo.com means of communication provided by the body itself. The Supervisory Board will evaluate promptly reporting, even questioning the sender, the alleged offender and any party potentially involved. The Board ensures the confidentiality of their identity, without prejudice to the obligations of law, and protection from any form of retaliation.

    disciplinary measures

    It is up to the Supervisory the task of investigating and verifying any violations of the duties provided for in this Code. In case of violation of the Code, the relevant departments, the power holders disciplinary undertake to enforce, with consistency, impartiality and uniformity of penalties proportionate to the respective breaches of the Code and conform to the provisions in the regulation of labor relations and, where applicable to the sanctions system defined in the organizational, management and control model adopted by the company.

    Changes and updates to the Code

    Any change and / or supplement to this Code of Ethics must be made in the same way as on its initial approval.