Online patient scheduling software can be the solution for a hospital or clinic that wants to streamline patient appointment management.

The features found in patient scheduling applications vary from one provider to the next, so choose your online patient scheduling software carefully. Ask yourself the following questions when researching an online patient scheduling software provider.

1. Does the application provide the functionality you need?

Do you plan on sending automated reminders? Do you want to send post-appointment satisfaction surveys? Do you want the ability to process payments online? Create a checklist of features and see which ones are available and from which service providers.

2. How easy is it to configure the application to match your patient scheduling needs?

Patient scheduling requirements vary from one doctor to another and one service to another. The ability to configure your application and its settings is an important consideration.

3. Can the application sync with your hospital information system?

Many online patient scheduling software applications were designed as “stand-alone” applications. But if you are using an existing hospital information system, you’ll want your online patient scheduler to sync seamlessly with it. Check what integration services are provided.

4. Is the software user-friendly for both staff and patients?

Utilisation is the key to success in any software application deployment. If the application is difficult to learn and use, it may not receive the usage your health center. This will undermine your chances of achieving your targets.

5. What type of data security is in place?

Does the software conform with your local regulations on healthcare data? Check the vendors’ security and backup procedures.

6. Is the software editor dependable?

How long have they been in business? The length of time a provider has been offering online patient scheduling software can be a indicator.

7. Does the software editor offer online customer support?

If you have a problem, you should be able to send a support ticket and get a rapid reply. Ask to see their Service Level Agreement.

8. What do other users in the healthcare industry think?

Can the service provide testimonials and references? Online patient scheduling software providers should be willing to share case studies. If possible, contact the operations and inquire on how they use the application.

9. Will you receive training on how to use the application?

A reputable online patient scheduling software provider will offer training for new customers to help smooth adoption of the tool.

10. Does the system ever experience downtime?

Every software application can have occasional technical glitches and minor issues. But the best software providers take measures to reduce them to a minimum. Online patient scheduling software is mission critical, and clinics and healthcare centers should expect uptime of close to 100 percent.

11. Is the application cloud-based?

Online, cloud based patient scheduling software is accessible from any Internet connection in the same manner as any Web page. This allows it to offer functionality typically not found in traditional software applications, such as online self-scheduling. If the application requires downloading it’s probably not cloud-based.

12. What level of statistical reporting is provided?

Statistics are the key to making the right decisions about the smooth running of your health care center. Your patient scheduling software should provide you with valuable data about your operation, with segment statistics based on service type, service provider and patient profile.

13. What is the value of the service and what is the cost?

Online patient scheduling can reduce administrative costs and enhance the value of your service. Price is important to everyone, but do be sure to assess the value to you of the software options being offered when making your choice.

14. How often are new features released?

Ask your potential suppliers how often they release new features. It’ll be a good indicator of how committed they are to maintaining their solution and how likely it is to meet not just with your needs for today but also your needs for tomorrow.

15. What does the application offer features apart from patient scheduling scheduling?

Communication with patients is important in the internet age. Check out whether your patient scheduling software can also provide you with the ability to send segmented communication campaigns by email and SMS, based around your patients’ appointment history.


The process of selecting online patient scheduling software is a task that requires time and thought. Follow our guidelines and your project will be the success you are looking for.