Security & Reliability

At tuOtempO we know that our customers rely on us as an important part of their business processes.
We take our responsibilities to our customers seriously, and the security and reliability of the software, systems and data that make up the tuOtempO application are our top priority.


Data Security


All information travelling between your browser and tuOtempO is protected from eavesdroppers with 256-bit SSL encryption. The lock icon in your browser lets you verify that you aren’t talking to a phishing site impersonating tuOtempO and that your data is secure in transit.


The tuOtempO application – including your data – rests securely behind multiple layers of external firewalls.

Vulnerability scanning

tuOtempO’s servers are scanned for vulnerabilities regularly by our security team. These scans test our servers both from the Internet and from inside our network, and any newly-identified problems are addressed as quickly as possible.

Session Monitoring and Application Logs

Individual user sessions are uniquely identified and re-verified with each transaction. Application logs record the creator, last update, timestamps, and originating IP address for every record and transaction completed.

Intrusion detection

All of the traffic entering and leaving tuOtempO’s network is monitored by an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and any unusual behaviour is analyzed by our system administration team.

Password proctection

Particularly sensitive information – patient identity, passwords – are encrypted in our database using AES. Customers passwords are not accessible by tuOtempO personnel.

Data Separation

Hardware and software configurations are designed to provide secure logical separations of customer data that permit each customer to view only its related information. Multitenant security controls include unique, non-predictable session tokens, configurable session timeout values, password policies, sharing rules, and user profiles. The tuOtempO service supports delegated authentication.

Customer-Controlled Privacy and Security Settings

Customers may determine which of their respective designees can access different categories of data. Customers may set customizable password rules. Customers may create custom fields that are encrypted in storage for sensitive information types.


Data centers

The tuOtempO servers are located in Amazon datacenters, which provide biometric access controls, constant surveillance, redundant power feeds and generators, robust fire suppression, and carefully monitored climate control to protect the servers that store your data.

Disaster recovery

All customer data is stored in secure data centers and is replicated over secure links to a disaster recovery data center. This design provides the ability to rapidly restore the tuOtempO service in the case of a catastrophic loss.

Redundancy and Scalability

The tuOtempO service is highly scalable and redundant, allowing for fluctuation in demand and expansion of users while greatly reducing the threat of long-term outages. Load-balanced networks, pools of application servers, and clustered databases are features of our design.

Managed hosting

tuOtempO has chosen Amazon Web Services for our hosting needs together with Scalr cloud management software. With clients like IBM, Ericsson. Unicredit, Samsung, Accenture we know Amazon Web Services & Scalr provide the hardware, service and expertise you expect.


Data in your tuOtempO account is replicated across multiple database servers in two geographic locations to prevent a single incident causing data loss. Additionally, this data is copied every night and stored in a physically separate location to ensure that your information remains secure even in the case of natural disasters and can be quickly restored.