Are your patients lying dormant in your database?

Without automated patient mailing workflows set up, you’re missing out on opportunities to nurture and engage your patients.

Check this list of workflow possibilities and see which are applicable to your health center.

    1. Treatment Advice

After giving a consultation to a patient for a condition, follow up by sending a sequence of emails with treatment tips.

For example, you might send a weekly mail of low-cholesterol menu suggestions for a patient suffering with a heart condition. If you keep track of patients’ treatment adoption, you could trigger a workflow for users who are exhibiting low adoption, providing resources that educate and train them on how to follow their treatment.

    1. Reminder Cycles

Do your patients typically need to return on a cycle? Enter those patients into a reminder cycle workflow.

For instance, let’s say you offer a treatment that requires a quarterly follow-ups. Enroll patients into a workflow that sends them an automated email two months later as a reminder that they need to book a new appointment.

    1. Complementary Services

Use workflows as an opportunity to offer complementary services to existing patients, depending on the treatments that they have already received.
Create dynamic lists of patients who have received a certain service and send mails recommending related products and services.

    1. Happy Patients

Do you use Net Promoter surveys to check patient satisfaction? Use the Net Promoter Score  to trigger workflows.

Simply determine what your ideal patient happiness score is, and use that as the threshold for your dynamic list of happy patients. Then trigger a workflow for patients with “happy” scores and reward them with exclusive content, offers, or discounts.

If you keep track of patient success metrics, you have a prime workflow opportunity on your hands. For example, if you’re trying to build up your arsenal of patient case studies, you could automatically trigger an email that asks patients if they’d be interesting in being featured as a success story once certain patient success metrics were met.

    1. Unhappy patients

Trigger a different workflow for your “unhappy” patients that includes content/offers aimed at helping to improve their happiness. Segment unhappy patients by the reasons they’re unhappy, and send targeted workflows aimed at addressing the causes of dissatisfaction.

    1. Re-Engagement

Reawaken inactive patients with a re-engagement workflow. For example, you could set conditions such as the length of time since their last appointment which trigger an email saying it’s been a while since you’ve engaged with us.

In your workflow, try sending them an exclusive offer or coupon to get them excited about your services again.

    1. Birthday greetings

Log your patient’s birthday and set up an e-mail workflow to send them a special greeting.

    1. Patient Portal Welcome

When a patient creates an account on your patient portal for the first time, send them a series of welcome emails highlighting key services that are available, for example online appointment booking or the download of your patient smartphone app.

    1. Blog Subscriber Welcome

Give your new blog subscribers a nice, warm welcome with a blog welcome email. You can use this email to thank contacts for subscribing, remind them what they’ll get out of reading your blog and promote your blog’s best-performing articles or other offers.

    1. Event Workflow

Hosting a live, in-person event? Or maybe an online event, like a webinar? Use email workflows to automate your communication to event registrants and attendees before, during, and after the event.

For example, create a workflow that delivers important information registrants should know leading up to the event, such as hotel accommodations and agenda information for live events, or webinar log-in information for online events. When the event ends, set up a workflow that gives attendees online access to session slides and continues to nurture them with additional content or promotion for future events.

Setting Up Patient Email Automation Workflows

If you hadn’t already guessed, email workflows need to be set up using marketing automation software. If you are using a patient CRM such as tuOtempO you can use the integrated Callback feature to program your appointment related workflows. And you can export your patient segments to your website activity monitoring program to merge website data with the patients’ appointment history. Contact your tuOtempO client manager for more details.