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tuOtempO sends automatic communications for you and gathers satisfaction data.
And you decide on the message content for each segment

Choose automatic communication

Select automatic communications for 20 available events and choose which channels to use. For each event, establish custom sending rules.

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Create custom automated messages

For example, send a special offer to a patient on their birthday, or propose special conditions for a prevention campaign.

Send your campaign

Decide your communication plan and for each message select a target using the segmentation service. Choose to send messages directly from tuOtempO (SMS or push) or export them to external services (such as Mailchimp).

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Measure the results

Evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns in terms of revenue, increase in appointments and satisfaction levels.

Enable surveys and reviews

Activate surveys, configure your questions and publish the results.

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Review Moderation

Monitor customer satisfaction levels, manage negative remarks, respond to them with your business’s point of view.

Contact Our Experts

An adviser by your side during set-up will help you choose the configuration options suited for your activity, based on the successful experience of dozens of other establishments, all of them as unique as you are.

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