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We take care of the integration, you decide the security and privacy rules.  And with our dashboard, you keep everything under control.

Choose your team

Select who will work with our experts: your colleagues, your HIS suppliers, your web agency, your lab and diagnostic software suppliers.

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Configure your services

The tuOtempO platform is synchronized: configure the interface according to the specific needs of your establishment, choosing from hundreds of available options (for example, by establishing different preferences for each service).

Configure your preferences

Customize the rules governing online booking, the preferences for privacy and security and decide which fields are required in the registration phase to avoid duplicates.

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Configure profiles

Determine access profiles for internal users and any external users, such as pharmacies, call centers or portals.

Test the services

It’s time to try. In the test environment, simulate patients’ behaviour to verify that everything is in place.

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Go live

Authorise publication on your website and optionally on your smartphone app.

Contact Our Experts

An adviser by your side during set-up will help you choose the configuration options suited for your activity, based on the successful experience of dozens of other establishments, all of them as unique as you are.

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