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Your tour in 8 stages

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A healthcare CRM guides the patients of a clinic or group practice through a welcoming and listening experience. Pick and combine the TUOTEMPO modules to create your ideal path. Let us show you one.

Using the NEWS module, you can send newsletters, prevention campaigns and any communication that informs and involves your patients.

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Using the WEB module, you can allow patients, call centers, pharmacies and
referers to book appointments on your website.
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Using the PAY module, you can receive online payment, offer discounts and automate check-in.

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Using the MEMO module, you can confirm or remind appointments and let patients cancel without having to telephone.
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With the CHECKIN module your patients can avoid the wait by checking in quickly online, on tablet, via kiosk at the entrance, directly on your site or via your smartphone app.


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Using the VIDEO module you can decide which services can be carried out at a distance, leaving the patient to choose whether to visit your practice or have the consultation from their home or office, via PC, tablet or smartphone.
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Using the VIEW module, you can deliver your test results online in a secure and protected way regardless of the software that generates them (lab, image diagnostic or specialist)
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Using the SURVEY module, you can control patient satisfaction levels. The results are anonymous but meaningfully classified: for example the reports let you compare satisfaction levels by booking channel or doctor.

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