“Would your patients recommend your services to a friend or a member of their family?”

This question is the standard litmus test for your health care center’s reputation.

Score highly and you can anticipate strong growth by word of mouth; plus your staff have the satisfaction of knowing all their hard work is appreciated. Score lowly and you know you have issues that need to be addressed.

Now you can gather that vital information more easily than ever before – with interactive text message surveying.

In an SMS survey you ask a patient to reply to text message question with a 1 to 5 rating.
For example:

“How likely are you to recommend My Clinic to friends and family? Reply 5 Very Likely 4 Likely 3 Not likely or unlikely 2 Unlikely 1 Very unlikely.”

The patient needs only three touches of their phone – “Reply – [Number] – Send” – and their reply is on its way.

“It’s just that bit easier for the patient than a link to an online survey,” says tuOtempO head of Research and Development Giorgio Giombi. “When you only want to ask one quick multiple-choice question, it’s the best solution for maximising the response rate.”

The service has been rolled out by tuOtempO for The Private Clinic – the United Kingdom’s fastest growing chains of cosmetic surgery clinics.

Under chief executive Valentina Petrone the company has expanded from two to 11 clinics in under a decade.

Petrone told HealthInvestor UK magazine that patient satisfaction was at the heart of their success.

“I talk with surgeons only about quality and only about patients, not about how quick they are,” she says.

The Private Clinic has its flagship clinic in London’s prestigious Harley Street.

Petrone says that one of the strongest growth areas has been in hair transplants – “the techniques and approach of surgeons has improved hugely”. She also notes that the trend in cosmetic surgery is towards smaller, more subtle interventions.