When a patient searches for a clinic or hospital using Google, a map showing a list of local providers is almost always the first result that appears on the page.

So making sure your center stands out on that list is an essential part of a successful online marketing strategy.

And now you can achieve just that by adding a Book an appointment button directly inside your Google Maps listing. It will link directly to your website online booking page.

This is a new feature from Google, so move fast to make sure you obtain a competitive advantage.

The good news is it takes no more than 15 minutes to set up.

Setting up your booking button

Go to Google My Business.

If you already have a listing on Google Maps, log in as the person who owns the listing.

Otherwise follow the Start Now dialogue to register your clinic or hospital.

Once logged in, go to the Posts tab and select Create Post.

In the pop-up dialogue, give a name to your post, for example Book an appointment online.

Add an image to make it more eye-catching.

Select Add a button and paste in a link to the page on your website that contains your tuOtempO Online Booking Widget.

Select Preview and then Publish and you’re all done!