Enable Facebook appointment booking by adding your tuOtempO online booking widget to your Facebook page.

Time Required

  • 20 Minutes


  • A Facebook page
  • A 111px X 74px Book an Appointment button
  • The URL of your tuOtempO online booking widget

Step 1. Create A Facebook App

Log on to Facebook and go to :


  1. Click Add a New App
  2. Select Advanced SetUp
  3. Provide a Display Name
  4. Choose a Category
  5. Click on Create App ID

STEP 2. Configure Your App

Go to:


and click on your App.


  1. Click on the Settings tab.
  2. Add a valid contact email in Contact Email
  3. Click on Add a Platform and select Page Tab
  4. In the dialogue box Secure Page Tab URL paste the URL of your tuOtempO online booking widget*
  5. In the box Page Tab Name choose a name for your Tab which will be visible to your patients
  6. Via Page Tab Image upload a 111px X 74px Book an Appointment image
  7. Save Changes

*Your tuOtempO URL is typically:


where [xxx] is your tuOtempO database reference number. Make sure you use the secure https prefix. Ask your tuOtempO account adviser if in doubt.

Status and Review

  1. Click on the Status and Review tab
  2. Switch Do you want to make this app and all its live features available to the general public? to Yes
  3. Confirm your choice


  1. Click on the Dashboard tab
  2. Copy your App ID, paste and save it into a text file.

Step 3. Associate Your App with your Facebook Page

Copy the following link into your text editor:

https://www.facebook.com/dialog/pagetab?app_id=[MY APP ID]&redirect_uri=https://facebook.com

and replace [MY APP ID] with the APP ID that you saved in Step 2. Paste the newly modified URL into your browser and folow the Add Page Tab dialogue.

Add Page Tab

  1. Select your Facebook Page from the Dropdown Menu
  2. Click on Add Page Tab

Step 4. Organise your page

Visit your Facebook page and verify that your Book an Appointment tab is now displayed. To improve visibility, promote your new tab in your tab order.

  1. From the tabs list click on More > Manage Tabs
  2. Slide your Book an Appointment tab to top position