Use tuOtempO Patient CRM for Twitter and Facebook campaigns and target specific segments of your patient population.

Just export the segment you wish to target out of tuOtempO and then import the list into your social media advertising dashboard. Twitter and Facebook will then display your advertisements to any user whose contact details match your list.

Facebook will additionally allow you to create Lookalike campaigns directed at users with similar social profiles to those of your own patients.

Time Required

  • 20 Minutes


  • An active Facebook or Twitter account

Step 1 : Export Your Segment

In tuOtempO:

  1. Go to Patients > Segments
  2. Select the criteria you require to build your segment.
  3. Export List and then Download

Unzip the downloaded Excel File and save it in CSV format.

Twitter Step 2 : Upload Your Segment

Log in to your Twitter Ads dashboard.

  1. Select Audience Manager
  2. Click Create New Audience and select Upload Your Own List from the drop-down menu.
  3. Under Specify the Type of Data in Your File, select Email Addresses then upload your tuOtempO data.
  4. Click Create List Audience.

Twitter Step 3 : Begin Your Campaign

Within a day or so of creating your audience, you’ll receive a message from Twitter announcing your list is ready to be used for your campaign.

Facebook Step 2 : Upload Your Segment

Log in toFacebook Ads Manager.

  1. Select Audiences
  2. Click the Create Audience button and select Custom Audience then Create a new custom audience..
  3. Choose Customer List as your audience type.
  4. Select Upload a File select Emails as preferred data type. Then click Upload File and navigate to your csv file. Once uploaded, click Create Audience.

Facebook Step 3 : Begin Your Campaign

You can either target just your existing patients, or expand your reach by creating a lookalike audience of Facebook users who have a similar profile to your existing patients.

You’re Ready to Go!

Using tuOtempO Patient CRM for Twitter and Facebook enables you to better focus your marketing strategy. Surveys suggest people who open an email are significantly more likely to take action on it if they’ve previously seen social advertisements, so combine your social media marketing with your existing campaign techniques to maximise your reach.