How to display patient reviews and ratings in Google search results

16 July 2015|

Ratings and reviews are a core part of the internet experience: more than seven out of ten web users read customer reviews when choosing a service provider. So positive ratings and reviews on your health center website increase the flow of new patients.

Are you in control of your patient management system? 10 reasons why patients switch health service provider

11 June 2015|

Estimates suggest it costs about 5 to 10 times more money to acquire a new patient than to keep an existing one. So for health centers looking to grow their activity, it’s as important to focus on retaining existing patients as acquiring new ones. A patient management system is a tool that enables practice managers to monitor and improve performance.

Patient Reminder Software : Text Message or Push Notification?

10 June 2015|

When choosing patient reminder software, you have two texting options: traditional SMS text messages and Push Notifications. To the patient, SMS and Push Notifications look very similar. Typically an alert is linked to a text message displayed on the phone. But the technologies are different

The 5 trends that are driving the adoption of healthcare CRM

10 June 2015|

In a world of rapid technological change, health service providers are increasingly using healthcare CRM solutions to meet the fast evolving expectations of patients. A healthcare CRM enables health providers to meet targets, improve performance and create a positive working environment.