HIPAA Compliance for healthcare providers

10 September 2018|

HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act - the name of legislation first introduced in 1996 to organise the insurance market in the USA.  Included within the act were regulations for providers on how they should protect the security of Private Health Information (PHI). HIPAA does not contain a detailed checklist [...]

Fill Planning Gaps Automatically

29 January 2018|

Appointment cancellations can be disruptive. Now you can fill unwanted gaps in your diary automatically, with the latest feature from tuOtempO Patient CRM. Take a look at the demo to find out how. Enjoy!

Google maps appointment booking – make your listing to stand out from the crowd

30 October 2017|

When a patient searches for a clinic or hospital using Google, a map showing a list of local providers is almost always the first result that appears on the page. So making sure your center stands out on that list is an essential part of a successful online marketing strategy.

Email, SMS, Push or Call? – Choosing the best channel to communicate with your patients

13 February 2017|

If you use a patient CRM you can set-up automated communication with your patients via Email, SMS, Push or automated Call. But which should you choose in which situations? Each channel is appropriate in different circumstances, so a blended approach often works best.