Integration Engineer

We are looking for an experienced IT professional who wants to work in a company where informal have the opportunity to learn , to contribute to the evolution of the product and possibly have fun.

Why should I be interested ?

Interesting. What will I be doing?

As part of the development team you will:

  • run, implement, and support real-time integration systems between our software and third-party information systems

  • provide support to the customer’s technical direction for the maintenance of the integration channels already implemented


OK. But what do I have to already know/ be able to do ?

  • You need a degree in Computer Engineering or Computer Science

  • At least two years work experience

  • You must have done OO- Programming ( eg experience in Java or . Net) for at least 3 years

  • We expect a broad knowledge of relational databases and SQL

  • Be Familiar with All Operating Systems (Linux and Windows Priorities)

  • Have some familiarity with virtualization techniques (VBox, Vagrant, Chef …)

Is that all?

No, we also expect (in order of importance):

  • Responsibility

  • Powers of concentration and personal organization

  • Ability to collaborate with others

  • Resourcefulness

  • Genius (if not in contradication with the other requirements)

Terms and conditions will be established on the basis of your experience.