Apple Wallet is the online wallet from IOS, where you can virtually store credit cards, cinema, air and rail tickets and more.
With tuOtempO, now, it can also contain the “tickets” of your appointments.

The feature is free and you don’t have to do anything to activate it, it will appear to whoever will book an appointment from an iPhone or iPad. The patient who books from your APP or from the mobile web (from IOS), as soon as he has confirmed the appointment, will be requested(whether they wish to) to add his appointment to Wallet.



What’s the advantages?

  1. The patient will be notified of a reminder X hours before the appointment, which will remain on the Iphone screen until it will be opened in order to view the “ticket”.
  2. Remember the appointment and give the patient the opportunity to cancel if he or she is no longer able to attend.
  3. Save paper, as the patient just needs to show the image at the reception.
  4. Speed up check-in time: If your centre is equipped with check-in tools, the patient can simply pass the QR Code or Barcode, or type in the check-in code for the appointment.

Want to customize your logo?

If your centre has the tuOtempO APP, your logo will be shown on the card. Otherwise, this default icon will appear on your ticket. If you would like a personalized one, please send it in PNG to