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If an appointment is cancelled, this creates a vacancy that can be used for another patient. This tutorial explains how to use the waiting list feature to fill the gap.

A. Create your waiting list

Log in to the tuOtempO admin zone:

Go to > Agenda

When a patient asks for an appointment, look for the first convenient availability and click on it to make a booking in the normal way.

If the first convenient availability is further ahead in time than the patient would have liked, ask the patient if they would like to be considered for any last minute vacancies that may occur.

If they would, tick the option Put this client in the waiting list in the pop-up dialogue:

Select Add patient to the waiting list from the pop-up dialogue.

Select “Put this client in the waiting list” from the pop-up dialogue.

The patient is now added to the waiting list for this specific doctor.

TipYou need to make an appointment for a patient for them to be added to a waiting list. If a patient is only interested in short term availabilities, book them an appointment in the far distant future. This will enable them to be added to the waiting list. Their far distant appointment will be removed automatically when they get a last minute slot.

B. Using your waiting list

When a short-term slot becomes available (for example, due to a last minute cancellation), click on the availability and you will see three options for attributing the slot to a patient: the two standard options Search and Add New Client and a new third option Client from waiting list

Select Add client from waiting list

The “Client from waiting list” option will only be visible if a doctor has patients on his or her waiting list.

Click on the link and you will see the list of patients on the waiting list (with the patient who has waited longest in the first position). Select the patient of your choice and Save the appointment.

C. Managing your waiting list and the original appointment time slot

When a patient who was on the waiting list is given a new appointment at an earlier date than their originally scheduled appointment, they will automatically be removed from the waiting list and their original appointment details will automatically be transfered to the new time and date.

Their original time slot will now become automatically free for another patient.