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It is possible to monitor the origin of patients who book online on your site to know how they got to the booking page.

Step 1. Create a Google Analytics Account

Go to :

Google Analytics

Click on the button Create an account (or login if you already have a Google account).

Create your google account

Create your google account

Step 2. Register your site

Enter your site data (name, address) to get a tracking ID

Step 3. Insert the tracking code

Paste the tracking code on all pages of your site by following these instructions:

Insert your code

If your site has dynamic content (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.), follow the instructions or install a plugin for Google Analytics tracking.

Step 4. Check tracking is installed correctly

Check the tracking

If it’s installed, tuOtempO will monitor the navigation of all registered patients.

Step 5. Monitor results

In tuOtempO this data is contained in the Client web source report.

Go to Reports> Client web source