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Take online payment for appointments with a Paypal account. This article explains how.

Table of Contents

1. Set Up Your Paypal Account

To set up online payment, you need a Paypal Business account
Visit the Paypal website for instructions on how to set one up:


2. Enable Online Payment

Log in to the tuOtempO admin zone:

Go to > Setup > Online Booking > Payment

Payment Preferences

Select from the dropdown menu:

  • No – Disabled
  • Required – Payment is required prior to booking
  • Optional – Payment is an option prior to booking

3. Configure essential settings

Once you have selected either Required or Optional a further range of options become visible.

Paypal Business Account Data

Enter the e-mail address you used to create you Paypal account in Step 1. You can if you wish choose an alternative address for receiving communications about payments.


Choose your currency from the dropdown menu

Save your settings.

Select Services

Warning: You must first save your Paypal Business Account Data before proceeding to this option.

Choose whether to activate online booking for all services or only selected services:

  • Selected Services – Payment is only Required or Optional for the services that you choose
  • All Services – Payment is Required or Optional for all services

If you have chosen payment for Selected Services only, go to the services configuration page and select the services for which you wish to enable online booking.

Go to: Set Up > Center > Services

3. Configure advanced settings

Enable client refund

Tick the box to enable client refunds. You will need to configure your Paypal account too, in order to activate this feature. Contact tuOtempO for further details.


You can apply a discount to your price list for those who book on online. Choose either a percentage discount or a fixed value reduction and optionally add a message informing clients of the discount with a banner message in your online booking module.