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You can reduce your staff workload by letting your patients check-in for their appointment by themselves using a tablet computer placed in your reception area.


1. Activate the service
Go to > Setup > Check-in
Switch the check-in service on.

Switch the check-in service on.

  • Select which patients are to receive a self-service check-in code
  • Optionally choose your logo, background image and button color
  • Optionally add custom “Welcome” and “Success” texts
2. Add the check-in code to the communications of your choice
Go to > Setup > Communication
Insert the check-in code in the communications of your choice.

Insert the check-in code in your automated communications.

  • Insert the check-in code [TRD53] in your automated messages
3. Install your tablet computer in your reception area

Ask your Tuotempo representative for instructions on activating the check-in appplication.

4. Let your patients check themselves in

Your patients will receive a check-in code in online their appointment booking receipt and in all the communications that you selected.

Insert your check-in code

Insert your check-in code

When the patient inserts the code in the tablet application in your reception area, a message will be transmitted to your appointment booking diary indicating that the patient has checked-in.