Online Agenda for medical appointments

tuOtempO Agenda enables you to securely access your medical appointments diary anywhere you have an internet connection.

The fastest online appointments diary

With the tuOtempO appointments diary you can book in patients in just three steps : select a time slot, select a patient, select a service, save and you are done!

The administration zone enables you and your secretarial staff to manage the diaries of an unlimited number of service providers in an unlimited number of locations.   Advanced permission management enables you to share planning information with all team members.

You can test tuOtempO Agenda with a free 15 day trial.

Key Features

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Dedicated to health and welfare

The agenda has been designed to meet the needs of those working in the health and welfare sectors and is based on the principle that you can offer different services for each appointment.

Weekly agenda for multiple service providers

It’s the only calendar that can be adapted for any number doctors while retaining an overall view of the planning of all the doctors in a center or a department.
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booking system

A reservation in just 3 clicks

1. Choose the doctor and the time.
2. Choose the service.
3. Save the appointment
With a patient on the telephone or in reception, you can create an appointment in less than a minute.

Search for availability

The first convenient time for an appointment is in six weeks? With the availability search you can find a time quickly without having to page through week by week.
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Services and doctors (duration and price)

Configure the services provided by each doctor, their duration and their price, once and for all.

Multiple calendars

Each doctor can define his own working hours, changing or suspending them for whatever motive. Agenda can manage up to 10 calendars simultaneously.
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Search and management of patients

Patients can be searched for from within the calendar. Type either the first letters of their name or the first digits of their telephone number and see the results immediately. Pick a patient and bring up a full dossier detailing all their appointments and communications.

Reliability index

If a patient doesn’t show, with a single click you can note their absence and update their reliability score based on the number of absences as a percentage of the total number of appointments.
patient reminder
patient statistics

Statistics and reports

Instantly available are the most recent statistics concerning appointments, patients, services, average service usage, messages sent and received. Data can easily be filtered or exported to Excel.

Agenda vía Email or SMS

Each doctor can receive his diary details via email or on his mobile phone.
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Always available

Are you worried that you might not have access to your diary because of problems with your computer or internet connection? At any moment you can send an SMS to a dedicated number and receive your agenda via FAX so that you can work without interruption.


All the diaries, for individuals or for groups of service providers, are designed to be printable in daily, weekly or monthly format.
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dynamic search

Reserve appointments online

Would you like to enable patients to make reservations for themselves online? Activate online reservation by computer, smartphone or automatic telephone reservation.

Communicate with your patients

At any moment you can send out 16 types of communication, to make a reservation, confirm a reservation or inform the patient of any changes.
comunicate with your patient