Interactive patient communication

tuOtempO MEMO provides you with an interactive communication platform to dialogue with your patients via email, SMS and voice message.

The only multichannel solution for secure patient communication

Interactive appointment reminders reduce  time-wasting patient “no shows” by 50% and more.  tuOtempO is the only turnkey solution that offers interactive reminders by email, SMS and synthetic telephone voice messaging – ensuring your messages will reach 100% of your patients.

Use tuOtempO memo too for all your communication needs : Satisfaction surveys, Information campaigns, Treatment monitoring…

Key Features

online patient services

Choose between 16 automatic messages

Would you like to automate the most frequent communications with your patients? You have messages for the most common circumstances (reservation, confirmation, modification, cancellation), each with a customizable text to be sent to patients via SMS, email or voice message.

Confirmation and cancellation

Do your patients forget to confirm or cancel? With tuOtempO MEMO your patients can confirm or cancel an appointment by SMS or by calling an automated telephone reservation system. It is simple and immediate.
patient reminder
outpatient reminder

Unexpected absence

An unexpected event, a meeting, an illness? With a single click you can inform all the absent doctor’s patients by SMS or telephone voice message.

Voice messaging

Do you have elderly patients, or patients who don’t have a mobile phone? To patients who don’t have mobile phones or email, you can send a simple voice message to a fixed telphone number with all the information about their appointment.
sms reminder patient
sms or email patient reminder

Concatenated SMS messages

Are the standard 160 characters of an SMS insufficient? With tuotempo, you can send messages to patients up to 600 characters long in a single SMS mailshot.

Communication campaigns

Would you like to communicate about a promotional offer, the opening of a new service or about a preventative campaign? Send an SMS and/or email simultaneously to all your patients or to a selected group of them, and then analyse the campaign statistics.
patient crm reminder
patient survey

User satisfaction surveys

Would you like to know if your patients are satisfied with their doctor? Would you like to know what your most valued services are? tuOtempO SURVEY sends a brief questionnaire via SMS or phone call and collects the data from which you can then take decisions.

Reports and statistics

Would you like to know the percentages of replies, of cancellations, of wrong numbers,? Do you want to control costs? Everything can be controlled at any moment. Read in real time the statistics of messages sent and received, or create a report according to your criteria.
patient stats
patient medical agenda


Would you like to use MEMO but don’t have an electronic agenda? Use tuOtempO AGENDA and you can setup and use MEMO immediately.


Would you like to use MEMO and continue using your practice management sofware or your hospital information system? tuOtempO SINCRO can securely and anonymously read just the information that’s necessary for sending messages
medical agenda for patients