Online Appointment Booking

tuOtempO WEB has all the tools you need to take appointments online, promote your reputation, reduce administrative costs and grow your activity.

The most powerful appointment booking solution available today

with more than 100 configuration options available, the self-service online booking module from tuOtempO is the most powerful appointment booking solution available today.

And because user experience is so important, it is also designed to be the simplest to use.  To test it for yourself, sign up for a free 15 day trial.

Key Features

medical appointment booking software

Choose which services can be booked

Do you have some services which are too complicated for online booking? When a patient chooses such a service, they will see a message advising them to book by traditional means. In this way you can offer the service while blocking reservation via the web.

Pre-requisites for appointments

Are some services only bookable if certain pre-requisites are fulfilled? tuOtempO WEB permits a description of the pre-requisites for each type of service (preliminary visit, special requirements, time lapse) which the patient has to read before proceeding with the reservation.
medical booking software
medical appointment software

Rapid services search

Do you offer a large number of services? Your patients can type the first letters of the service they are looking for and then select from suggestions proposed by the software.


Confirmation and reminders via SMS and email

Your patients receive an SMS and/or a confirmation email when they make their reservation and a reminder before the appointment. The texts and the messages are totally customizable.
medical appointment booking
appointment booking software


A catalogue of services using medical terminology is provided. Thanks to the management of synonyms in tuOtempO WEB, if a patient searches for a “Back scan”, they will find it, even if in your agenda it will be listed as “Osteoarticular ultrasound scan”.


Synchronise with your current agenda

Do you already use software to manage your appointments? tuOtempO WEB is the only application that synchronizes with your agenda in real time, inserting reservations in your existing software.
hospital appointment booking software
clinic appointment booking software

Personalised for your site

Do you want a unified graphic style for your site? Personalise the booking module with the colors, styles and search options of your choice.


tuOtempO WEB enables patients to reserve in their own language, choosing from one of the twelve available languages.
medical appointment system
medical appointment service

Multi-location portal

Are you part of a group of clinics or hospitals? Only tuOtempO WEB enables the patient to see in which centers a service is offered, compare waiting times and prices and to make a reservation. All in real time.

Book from a Smartphone

Make appointments using your Smartphone! Adapt to your patients’ demands by offering an appointments booking module that’s been designed specifically for use with mobiles.
medical appointment sms reminder
online booking software

Reserve via SMS

With a simple SMS, all your patients can book an appointment. The system captures the requirements and sends a confirmation back to the patient, also via SMS.

Reserve using IPAD or touch screen

Would you like to enable reservations in a waiting room or foyer? tuotempo web touch is optimised for the creation of interactive kiosks using an IPAD and a secure wall fixing. Bookings can be made in a public area with ease of use and privacy guaranteed.

Book with a telephone keypad

Allow your patients to reserve appointments using the keypad of their fixed telephone, any time of the day, seven days a week. Recorded voice messages will guide them step by step through the reservation process.

Appointments guaranteed

Are you worried about patients that don’t show? tuOtempO checks the validity of the patient’s contact data by sending a password to their mobile phone. If the number does not exist or it is not theirs, they will not be able to make a reservation.
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medical scheduling booking software

Limit the number of reservations

Are you worried that someone might abuse the service by filling out your agenda online? To avoid this, you can establish a maximum number of reservations per person.

Establish rules for reservations and cancellations

Would you like to establish when it is possible to reserve online? tuOtempO enables you to establish how much advance notice is required for reserving an appointment or cancelling one.
medical appointment booking rules
patients appointment booking software

Manage Family members

Are you providing services for childern or seniors? Your patient can sign-up and add family members. Every time they schedule an appointment they can chose which family member the appointment is for.