Fast and secure online communication of medical test results

The new multi-source results service from tuOtempO speeds up the transmission of test results to patients and reduces administrative costs.

tuOtempO VIEW is the only turnkey solution capable of capturing results data from multiple software sources, conforming to international standards on health data privacy and informing the patient and referring doctor of results availability by email, SMS and telephone message.

Download a sample report

Easy and secure, with tuOtempO View your patients can download their medical test results online.

Download a sample report

Key Features

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Centralised Report Gathering

Reports from mulitple software sources are unified in a centralised download zone for secure patient access.

Double password security

An ephemeral password is generated for document access – in conformity with international privacy norms
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Seamless software integration

When a new result is ready, our tuOtempO SINCRO will learn it right away from your lab or radiology software and it will identify the corresponding PDF file in you secure server

Secure data handling

Report data is stored in your secure environment – patient copies are only generated on demand in a secure encrypted environment.
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Multi-channel notification

When new reports are ready, patients are immediately informed via the communication channel of their choice : email, sms or synthetic voice message